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About us


We've been churning deliciously creamy butter for generations of butter lovers, so it comes as second nature to keep creating delicious new additions to our range. The Anchor family now has everything you need for a real taste of home - from family favourites to rainy day bakes to special seasonal treats.

We've got original Anchor® Butter and Anchor® Unsalted Butter, both ideal for brilliant baking. Or for glorious toast, turn to Anchor® Spreadable and Anchor® Unsalted Spreadable - just as creamy-tasting as our butter but with a touch of vegetable oil so you can spread it straight from the fridge. 

Our Anchor® Cheddar is bold with a hint of sweetness, and perfect sandwiched in a tasty toastie, grated into creamy mash or sprinkled over classic spaghetti bolognese. Choose from Anchor® Mature Cheddar, Anchor® Extra Mature Cheddar and Anchor® Lighter Mature.

The latest addition to our family is Anchor® Pastry - made with our creamy butter for all the great taste of homemade, without the hassle. It's ideal for pies, tarts, quiches and everything in between! Look out for Anchor® Shortcrust Pastry and Anchor® Puff Pastry, both available in block and ready-rolled form.

Finally, Anchor® Squirty Cream is just the thing for perfecting desserts, sweet treats and creamy hot drinks! Choose from Anchor® Original Squirty Cream, Anchor® Lighter Squirty Cream, Anchor® Extra Thick Squirty Cream and Anchor® Chocolate Squirty Cream.

Anchor® products are brought to you by Arla Foods, one of the UK's leading dairy companies. If you’d like to find out more about Arla or Anchor®, please feel free to get in touch.